Programa de Pós-Graduação em Ciências Ambientais

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Environmental Science, PhD

Once a year, the PPGCA holds a selection processes for admission in the Master and Doctorate programs.  Students are expected to complete theirs courses in 24 months for the Master program, and 48 months for the Doctorate program.

All the following documents are required for registration of the candidate to the selection exam at the PPGCA:

1. Fully completed application form (model).

2. Certified copy of Master's graduate program diploma or certificate of program completion.

a. The registration of graduating students will be conditionally accepted, as following the program's regulation.

b. The applicant's Master's Diploma must be from a program recognized by CAPES. If the program is of a foreign institution, the Diploma must be properly validated by a Brazilian higher education institution, or a proof that this is under way must be provided.

3. Two letters of recommendation (form available at the website: The letters must be submitted by the applicant at the program's office, along with the remaining of the documentation, in an envelope marked with the device of the institution where there writer's belong, sealed, and with the writer's signature over the seal. Both the signature over the seal and the letter's signature must match. We will not accept a letter of recommendation with a broken seal or one in which the signature of the writer did not match with the seal's one.

4. Certified copy, or a regular copy together with the original document for verification of the identity card, or other identity document, and the CPF of the applicant. For foreign candidates, the passport will accepted as the identification.

5.  Master's program transcripts.

6. Letter from student indicating the area of interest, the reasons to attend the program, and future plans.

7. Applicant's copy of the “Lattes” Curriculum Vitae (prepared online at the Lattes platform:, printed and signed by applicant.


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